Orphaned Raccoon Adopted By Rescue Dogs Now Thinks She’s A Puppy

Pumpkin is a Bahamian raccoon who landed up in the lap of luxury, along with her adopted family, Royal Bahamian Potcake rescue dogs, Toffee and Oreo.

It all started back when Pumpkin was only a few days old and she fell out of a tree in a family’s backyard. At first, the family did nothing, assuming that there would be an adult raccoon along any moment to rescue the stranded babe. However, as the family kept a close eye on the baby raccoon struggling on the ground, they started to get worried. It didn’t seem like help was on the way – and it never appeared.

Worried for her safety, the family phoned wildlife officials, who then confirmed that little Pumpkin wouldn’t survive in the wild without a mother. Not wanting to see anything bad befall the newborn, the family took her in where they began to nurse her back to health.

And it paid off – Pumpkin grew up strong, and she now is living her best life in the Bahamas with her forever family. Since the Bahamas are a series of islands, raccoons do not have rabies, so there is no law against having them as pets.

And there she is, living it up with her doggie besties. She’s also a celebrity on Instagram!

Check out some of our favorite pictures below:

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