Watch These Raccoon Babies Follow Their Mama In The Most ADORABLE Way

Meet a raccoon mama that is very protective of her little babies. She happily leads them to a hallow spot of a tree so they can spend some family time together and get the appropriate rest that they need.

Watching these babies climb, behind their mother, is seriously one of the cutest things I have EVER seen! Those adorable tiny babies know that being by their mother is the safest place to be. Aren’t these cubs adorable? The mama even makes sure the one that has some troubles getting up is safely carried into the nest. There’s nothing like a mother’s love, no matter the species!

Raccoon Fun Facts:

  • Raccoon babies are referred to as cubs
  • Raccoons have hands like humans, with five fingers. Their hands are so much like ours that they can even unlace a shoe!
  • Raccoons have an array of sounds that they make, including hissing, growling, screaming and purring
  • Raccoons are extremely intelligent creatures, ranking just behind monkeys on the scale
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