Rabbit with Special Health Care Needs Escapes Life in a Cage for Life with a Loving Family

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Stella (formerly Charlize), a 3-year-old Holland Lop, was adopted in April 2020 from Eastern Shore Rabbit Rescue and Education Center (ESRREC) in Maryland. Stella became a full member of the family. She even gets along with their two dogs, Ginger and Bella. She loves to travel with the family and they take her around in a pet stroller, sometimes joined in the stroller by the beagle (to the delight of passersby). Stella and the daughter have been inseparable, often tucked under a blanket watching movies together during the pandemic shutdown.

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Before joining the family, she lived a lonely life in a cage but now she is free to roam in the house. When she was brought to ESRREC, she had multiple chronic health issues including urine scald, intermittent soft cecotropes, skin infection, and eye infection. Without constant care and attention she becomes lethargic. With the proper diet and medicine, and combing her fur every day, she perks up and runs to her family for snuggles.

ESRREC helped Stella find the perfect match. Though she needs daily care, her adopters say, “We can’t imagine her with any other family. She deserves every bit of special attention that she gets… after all she’s been through, she’s still so sweet.”


Story submitted by Eastern Shore Rabbit Rescue and Education Center.

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