While Out For A Bike Ride, This Man Meets World’s Cutest Creature

Imagine your reaction if you came across a creature that looked like this! Yea, I would probably freak out too! A man and his girlfriend went for a bike ride in Rottnest, Australia. As they were riding, they came face-to-face with something so adorable, and so friendly, they just had to stop and say “hello.” And take a selfie.

This Quokka, a marsupial native to Australia, decided that the bike riders should be his new besties. So… they agreed to stick around. Because, seriously, if something this cute wants to hang out with you, could you really pass it up? Um. NO!

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The Quokka is the only land mammal on Rottnest Island. Without any natural predators, they are pretty brazen. As the man walked away, to go back to his bike, the Quokka literally chased him! I guess the Quokka was as big of a fan of the man as the man was of his!

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