6 Simple Questions Tell You Which Kind of Cat Mom You Truly Are

If nothing else, technological developments over the past decade have made one thing clear: YOU LOVE YOUR CAT. And, you should! You're a cat mom! But what kind of cat mom are you?

That's right, there are KINDS of cat moms — that's how visible the under-appreciated role of cat mom is today. And now, by completing the quiz below, you'll have your answer.

So, go ahead, toss on your coveted Cat Mom Striped Hoodie and enjoy!

Okay, so now you know which kind of cat mom you are. What are you supposed to do with it though? Well, the first thing you should do is simple: OWN IT.

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Really. What's the fun of being a cat mom if you aren't going to flaunt it? Shout it to your significant other, way on the other side of the house as you dice dinner up on your Pet Mom Bamboo Cutting Board. Text your bestie to say that you love them, but that your cat comes first. Invite your neighbor over for coffee and show off your favorite mug:

Why? Why flaunt your being a cat mom? Because, despite the humor associated with it all, being a cat mom isn't easy. Not at all. You should feel proud that you're a cat mom, and you should take pride in continuing to love your cat with all of your heart.

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