Lifeless Kitten Rescued Off The Street

A tiny four-week-old kitten named Quincy was found on the streets of Philadelphia in bad shape. Someone found him and brought him to the city shelter for help. He was skin and bones and severely dehydrated. The little guy was moments away from death when a rescue stepped forward.

Noah’s Ark Rescue Project and Sanctuary (NARPS Cats) took the frail kitten from the shelter and immediately gave him fluids. A volunteer with the rescue, Shauna, made it her mission to do everything possible to save the kitten. Even with the fluids, Quincy was fading fast. He was lying on his side and gasping for air.

“It was so sad and I didn’t think he’d make it till morning. I stayed up with him all night. I’d hold him, but he didn’t react,” Shauna told Love Meow.

Shauna continued to offer the frail kitten fluids but was afraid that he would not make it till morning. “I stayed up with him all night, administering fluids every 8 hours and giving him glucose every 3 hours,” she posted. She cradled him in her arms and held him close in an attempt to comfort him. By some miracle, Quincy made it through the night.

Photos: Instagram/ @ixluvxcats

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The little guy was immediately taken to an emergency vet, but the prognosis was not good. She was given medications and returned home determined to save the kitten. “I got some food and a syringe and started feeding him, and he was swallowing. Six hours after that, when I fed him again, he started lapping up the food from a bowl.”

After each feeding, Shauna would cuddle Quincy to show him he was loved and give him something to keep living for. The intensive care continued for five days and the kitten continued to improve. He finally started to move around and play with toys.

“Seeing a kitten come back like that is truly like seeing a miracle,” stated Shauna.

Photo: Instagram/ @ixluvxcats

Two weeks later, the little guy had gained weight and was purring for attention. He loved being near his foster mom, but if she was not near he would cuddle with his canine friend, Jayne. His health and energy had improved greatly and he was out of the danger zone.

“He became a little ball of playful energy, and he would always want to cuddle when he was worn out from playing.”

Photo: Instagram/ @ixluvxcats

Quincy was put up for adoption and it did not take long for a couple to fall in love with him. He adjusted quickly to his new home and family. The first night in his new home, he cuddled in bed with his family and the rest is history.

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