Only In Australia Would Two Snakes Fall Through Someone’s Ceiling

I don’t think that any of us enjoy having critters in the house. It doesn’t matter if it is a spider, ants, or anything else that is a creepy-crawly, they are better on the outside of the home. If you think that you have a reason for complaint, you might want to look to the home in Brisbane, Australia. After all, they had 2 huge snakes fall through their kitchen ceiling recently.

Steve Brown works for Brisbane North Snake Catchers and Relocation as a snake catcher. He was recently on a call in which he was supposed to remove snakes from that Brisbane home. He posted the incident on Facebook and it went viral. It began with him talking about how a customer had found “two very large coastal carpet pythons (Morelia spilota mcdowelli) in his house when he got home.”

Brown went over to investigate and found that there were, indeed, snakes in the house. They had come in through the kitchen ceiling and since then, one of the snakes was found in the bedroom and the other was near the front door. Brown spoke to CNN, saying that they are a non-aggressive, non-venomous snake known as a carpet pythons.

Brown posted the photos of the damage to the ceiling and the snakes in the home. He was also holding the snakes outside in another photograph. As is evident from the pictures, the snakes are humongous. The Associated Press reports that Brown estimated they are a little over 9 feet and 8 feet long. They weigh about 100 pounds when you combine their weights.

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Brown also weighs in on why they may have come in through the roof. He thinks that they were fighting over a nearby female that may still be on the roof. The AP reports that the males were returned to the wild but they have not yet located the alleged female snake in the area.

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