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Dog Rescue Stories: 22 Year Old Tigger Is All Heart

Tigger has crossed the Rainbow Bridge since this article has been first published. We send her forever family love and strength.

18 years ago, we had a family member move into an apartment. She and her two sons found this thin Pit Bull, dragging a tractor chain that was embedded around her neck. They took the chain off and contacted me. I’m the family animal lover/rescuer.

My only experiences with “Pit Bulls” at that time were through what the media was portraying them to be. Unfortunately, that wasn’t a pretty image.

I contacted a local trainer, who had experience working with power breeds and aggression/protection working dogs. His assessment of this little, 4-year-old girl was glorious. She was very balanced. After that session, she immediately came home to me and my toddler son, and we named her ‘Tigger.’

Tigger earned family membership that very night by climbing up the small set of stairs to the top bunk where my son was resting, and it’s been nothing but love ever since.

When she was spayed, the vet said she may have never had a litter and that at almost four years of age, that was fortunate.

Over the past 18 years, I have been involved in independent rescue and group rescue in my area, so Tigger has been foster “grandmaw” to many furbabies going to new homes.

And here we are today. Her body is close to completely being finished. Her work on Earth…well…it’s almost done. Her heart is the part of her that will not give up, one of those many amazing traits in bully breeds.♡

My son and I know our days are very short with her. We’ve already had a few times where we thought this may be it…but like I said, her heart! That girl is all heart!

We cherish every day we have left with her, knowing at any time we will not have that wiggle butt girl to make us laugh. When that day comes, my heart will be broken into a million pieces and forever never the same. She is my heart and soul dog.

Tigger has changed many people’s perceptions of Pit Bulls and stole my heart. She is a proud spokesdog for spay and neuter, pet retention and Bully breed advocacy. She shares loves, support, compassion, and humor. Things we all need more of.

Thanks to all this, she will live in our hearts forever.

This story originally appeared at Positively Woof by Larry Kay.

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