Dog Rescue Stories: Kenzi – The Little Hero!

On New Year’s day 2013, the Mia Foundation received a plea to take in two newborn pups. One of the pups sadly died, but the other showed an incredible will to survive. Sue Rogers, foundation president and founder, provided around the clock care to this 3-ounce pup that she named MacKenzie.

“Kenzi” was born with a cleft palate and couldn’t eat or drink on her own. She was tube fed for almost a full year and spent a lot of that time in and out of the hospital for pneumonia. As Kenzi grew, Sue began to notice something incredible. Even on some of her sickest days, Kenzi was concerned about the other animals in Sue’s care. She began bathing them. She was attentive to their every need.

She began providing the care that humans couldn’t.

Source: Positively Woof
Source: Positively Woof

After having her cleft palate surgery, Kenzi could now focus all of her time and energy on what she was meant to do.

She tends to each and every animal that comes to The Mia Foundation. She keeps them clean. She keeps them warm. She corrects them. She teaches them. Most of the rescues come to the rescue at a very young age and Kenzi fills in as “mom” to each and every one of them. She also accompanies them to all veterinary appointments to help them feel safe.

Many of Kenzi’s “kids” have gone on to be therapy and service animals. Regina, a foundation volunteer, believes they learned their selflessness from her!

Source: Positively Woof
Source: Positively Woof

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Kenzi also loves people! All people. Everyone she meets, in fact! She accompanies her human mommy, Sue, to schools and helps teach kids about being born different. She’s also the first one to welcome all visitors who visit the Mia Foundation.

Source: Positively Woof
Source: Positively Woof

MacKenzie has fostered HUNDREDS of animals in her 5 short years. She is a perfect little soul and is truly a hero dog!

September 26, 2018 “Typical day in the life of a mother. Trying to give baths and breaking up squabbles.

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