Dog Rescued From Life Tied To A Tractor

Fuzzy was rescued by “PSYjaciele w potrzebie” a rescue near Radom, Poland. She was four years old.

Source: Positively Woof
Source: Positively Woof

Fuzzy’s former human kept her tied to an old tractor with just three feet of rope. She was extremely malnourished (she had been fed old bread soaked in water), covered with ticks, and had a fungal infection on her paws.

Source: Positively Woof
Source: Positively Woof

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Four months before being rescued, she’d had two pups that were also taken in by the foundation.

Source: Positively Woof
Source: Positively Woof

Fuzzy and her children found new homes in September 2015 (thanks to Facebook post) and now she’s a happy, lively dog living with a new family. Unfortunately, she’s still she’s still easily startled, extremely fearful of loud noises and fireworks and has trouble socializing with other dogs.

Despite this, she’s finally living her best life with her forever family in Warsaw.

This story originally appeared at Positively Woof by Larry Kay.

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