Purple Cat Makes Remarkable Transformation

Smurf the cat got his name from the purple dye soaked into his coat, but the cute name masks the dark side of Smurf's experience as a kitten. Found on the side of the road, Smurf had suffered several serious injuries, leading those at the animal shelter that took him in to suspect that someone used him as a chew toy for fighting dogs. In the months since his rescue, Smurf has proven to be one tough kitty, as he has recovered from this trauma and even made a friend.According to Yahoo News, Smurf's purple coat is likely the result of being dipped in fabric dye. Workers at the Nine Lives Foundation found several puncture wounds and abrasions, with one of the worst injuries being a large gash on his shoulder. While no one knows exactly what happened to Smurf, his injuries are consistent with kittens that are used to train fighting dogs. That's one of the dangers of offering free kittens.

Smurf was just over a pound when he was brought in to the shelter, and some thought he wouldn't make it. Within only two months, The Dodo reported that Smurf had made an excellent recovery, with his coat growing back in what the shelter calls glorious gray. More importantly, he has gone from frightened to confident and loving. He also bonded with another shelter cat, Wanda, who is blind.

Smurf and Wanda are both doing well, but the shelter is playing it safe and plans to keep both for several months before letting some lucky person adopt them. The shelter also plans on making sure they both get adopted together, so these two are going to be friends for life.Dog fighting is a form of animal cruelty that affects the dogs involved and poor cats like Smurf. Many videos related to this crime are surprisingly found on YouTube. Take a stand against dog fighting, and sign this petition to remove dog fighting videos from YouTube today.

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