Purina, Busy Philipps, and Rescue Bank Team Up to Provide 5 Million Meals

Feeding America’s shelter cats is a big responsibility but it’s one you can easily lend a hand with, thanks to a partnership between Purina Cat Chow and Rescue Bank.

During the month of July, for every bag of Purina Cat Chow brand cat food purchased, a meal will be donated to the national nonprofit Rescue Bank, which will see that cats at shelters and rescue organizations are fed. The goal is to provide 5 million meals to cats and kittens as part of Purina’s “Nutrition to Build Better Lives” program, which actress and animal lover Busy Philipps has promised to support.


“With so many cats in shelters and rescues, animal welfare organizations have a lot to worry about, but providing quality nutrition for the cats in their care shouldn’t be one of them,” said Philipps, star of Dawson’s Creek and Cougar Town. “It’s important to ensure that shelter cats receive great nutrition, like that of Purina Cat Chow, so that they are healthy and well-fed as they seek their forever homes. As a life-long cat person, this is an effort that is close to my heart.”

Purina will be donating one meal to Rescue Bank for each bag of food purchased, up to 5 million meals distributed to cats and kittens waiting in shelters around the country. It’s a lofty goal, but nothing Rescue Bank is about to shy away from. The organization recently celebrated 10 years of helping rescued animals.


“The Purina Cat Chow ‘Nutrition to Build Better Lives’ is a great program for delivering high-quality nutrition to rescue and shelter cats,” said Elizabeth Asher, executive director of Rescue Bank. “The potential five-million-meal donation provides a strong foundation for our animal welfare partners to raise – and adopt out – healthier, happier cats. In addition to the nutritional benefits, Purina’s food donation allows our groups to apply scarce funds to pet wellness and other needs, an added bonus for our partners during the busy summer months.”

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Rescue Bank is a signature program of GreaterGood.org, an international non-profit that benefits people, pets, and the planet. The organization provides grants to the animal rescue community in the form of donated pet food, delivered through a network of regional affiliates. Pet food grants allow rescue organizations to transfer part of their food budget to much-needed services such as spay/neuter, vet services, facility maintenance or improvement, and adoption events.

Asher and partner John Kane founded Rescue Bank in 2006 after their experience responding to Hurricane Katrina. They saw that smaller, community-based animal rescues and shelter staff were doing most of the front-line work, but simply weren’t visible to donors. Adopting the food bank model, they started sourcing bulk donations for distribution to smaller groups along the Gulf Coast. Quickly expanding to a national network with GreaterGood’s support, Rescue Bank now delivers between eight and ten million pounds of donated food per year to animal rescues across America.


For 10 years, GreaterGood.org’s Rescue Bank program has worked tirelessly to feed shelter animals, without slowing. Unfortunately, the number of homeless pets who need food isn’t slowing down either. Rescue Bank needs your help to continue to deliver high-quality, name-brand food to rescue groups all over the country. Help them do even more by giving toward its goal to provide 1 million meals in celebration of Rescue Bank’s 10th birthday.

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