4 Fantastic Reasons Why My Puppy Is My Favorite Valentine!

Who says Valentine’s Day is only for humans? Consider starting a new tradition that will not only include your new pet but will also create lasting memories for both of you. Here are five reasons why I’m choosing to spend my Valentine’s Day with my sweetie, a three month Catahoula mix named Whoopi Goldberg!

1. My valentine saves me from the Restaurant Mayhem.

Valentine’s Day is the second busiest day to dine out, which makes it a headache for people trying to find a place to eat. Why not skip the long wait for the next available table by staying at home getting better acquainted with your new furbaby! They will love it!

2. My Amour saves me from last minute shopping!

While everyone else is searching for the perfect last minute deals, this would be the most opportune time to support your local pet store to find the perfect toy or treat for your precious pooch. I’m pretty sure your pup and your purse will thank you later for not spending money on useless and flashy presents.


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