This Video Made Me SO Furious….Until I Got To The End.

“Make a new best friend again and again with PuppySwap—the world’s first puppy subscription service. Simply pick a breed, love your puppy, watch it grow, and swap it for a brand new one. Who says puppy love can’t last forever?”

If the idea of an app to “swap out” your old dog with a brand new puppy sounds horrible, it’s because it is. The clever marketing team at the Toronto Humane Society is hoping to spread the message about pet abandonment with their new campaign.

See what “PuppySwap” is all about for yourself…and always remember to adopt, don’t shop!

The good news is that this app doesn’t actually exist. The bad news is that over 7 million dogs and cats get surrendered to shelters every year. Adopting a dog or a cat is a forever promise that you will take care of them for their entire life, until they are old and grey.

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Alli B. was born and raised in the Great Lakes State. She is a proud dog mom to an adorable mutt named Rue, a three-legged pup named Tripp, and a crazy cat mom to two feisty felines, Louie and Pikachu. She spends her days exploring all that Michigan has to offer with her husband and their fur-babies.