Puppyhood Heads To The Office

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Being away from your puppy is so hard. That is why I’m pro-dogs-allowed-at-the-office. Are you? I realize some dogs may bark or irritate a co-worker’s allergies, but if they are quiet and no one objects then what’s the harm in it? Studies show that having your pet with you actually promotes good work habits. You don’t have to rush home to let them out. You have that “comfort of home” right there with you. Plus, they’re your own personal puppy cheerleader, rooting for you to succeed. Dogs also lower stress levels and blood pressure.

In this episode of Puppyhood, Chloe’s human gets a new job and has to leave her at home. He makes her a very nice spot where she can play with her toys, sleep and even left her a wee-wee pad, just in case. But even with access to a puppy cam, it still wasn’t the same as having her there with him.

See what happens when Chloe’s human gets the pawfect news!

I love these videos! Thanks Purina Puppy Chow!

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