78 Adorable Shelter Pets Prepare for Puppy Bowl XIII Game Day

When these two teams meet on the gridiron in February, you can bet the results will be nothing short of bone-shaking. Or, at least, bone-gnawing.

The Puppy Bowl brings together the most adoptable pets from around the country, and this year’s 13th annual contest is no different. The players on each team have been housebroken, trained, and asked to play nicely.

Team Ruff’s Beebop, Bismarck, and Bo are eagerly awaiting Alexander Hamilpup, Buddy Love, and Buttons from team Fluff. Come February 5, inside Animal Planet Stadium, these practiced pups and their pup-mates will be squaring off for the right to claim dog domination (and a few extra treats).

While Lady Gaga takes the stage during halftime of the Super Bowl, the puppies of the Puppy Bowl expect to hear the sound of millions of channels being changed to Animal Planet, looking for them instead.

Team Ruff is coming into Puppy Bowl XIII with two titles behind their green bandanas already. If Team Fluff wants to claim the championship in 2017, those puppies in yellow will need to summon their strength.

The first Puppy Bowl kicked off on February 6, 2005. The pups who played then — along with the many others in the Puppy Bowl hall of fame — have all been taken from rescue shelters. This year will feature 78 puppies from 34 different shelters and rescue organizations across the country. Three of the dogs have special needs and are marking a first for the event, now open to canines of any ability.

Check out the video below for a 360-degree view of Puppy Bowl XII.

Animal Planet provides information on adoption and finding the right shelter dog for your own lifestyle on their website. Each of the participants in the Puppy Bowl is looking for a forever home — but not before game day.

These puppies are training day and night, chewing endless rope toys and enjoying a full schedule of naps and snuggles. Follow their pre-game regimen with the Locker Room cam here:

This year’s Puppy Bowl is expected to draw an impressive crowd, many who will be keeping their eyes on the three disabled, yet adorable, players, Lucky, Winston, and Doobert. For more information on this year’s #PuppyBowl, visit the Animal Planet website. To do your part in helping disabled animals, follow the button below to a worthy cause.

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