Internet Falls In Love With Puppy That Was Born With 5 Legs

You never quite know what you are going to see when you’re scrolling through TikTok. Teenagers dancing, some awesome kitchen hacks, and occasionally, a dog with five legs.

This interesting and unique American bulldog made its debut on TikTok on the @norcal_bullybreed_rescue channel.

In fact, the dog’s name is Chanel and she has a unique feature that has the Internet talking.

Photo: flickr/Rock City Kennels

Chanel has an extra leg where her tail should be. It even has three toes and pads, making it even more authentic.

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Although it seems like a very stressful situation, Chanel seems to be doing quite well.

Photo: TikTok/@norcal_bullybreed_rescue
Photo: TikTok/@norcal_bullybreed_rescue

Her rescuer says that she was surrendered, and they are currently consulting with some of the best surgeons in the world to see what can be done.

You can see her in the TikTok videos below:

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