Sweet Puppy Attempts To Win The Heart Of Disinterested Cat

Cats and dogs aren’t stereotypically friends, but in reality, they can be closer than family.

Sometimes, cats and dogs will hit off a friendship immediately, but other times it just takes a little bit of time, patience, and persistence for the two to overcome their differences and become friends.

Photo: YouTube/The Fluffiest

In one sweet viral video, you can see an adorable puppy interacting with a disinterested cat.

The cat doesn’t seem so sure about being friends with the puppy, but the tiny dog is determined to win her over. In the video, the cat is introduced to a whole litter of tiny puppies, but one dog, in particular, tries to get her attention.

Photo: YouTube/The Fluffiest

The cat backs away, unsure of the tiny creature, but the puppy persists and follows her around.

In true cat fashion, the cat comes across as aloof and disinterested, but there’s always a chance she’ll have a change of heart once she gets used to the little puppy.

Photo: YouTube/The Fluffiest

The video was shared by the popular YouTube Channel, The Fluffiest, who notes it’s the cat’s first time meeting the puppies.

While the cat doesn’t look thrilled about being around the enthusiastic puppy, by the end of the video, she seems to have accepted her fate and tolerates the puppy’s presence.

You can see it for yourself below:

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