Mama Dog Was Rescued From The Streets, Then She Led Rescuers On A Desperate Search For Her Puppies

In an episode of Pit Bulls & Parolees – a show where pit bulls get a second chance at redemption, along with paroled felons who want to rehabilitate their lives by working with the dogs – Marcel and Mariah are working with a rescued pit bull who had given birth recently.

The dog was found and picked up by animal control, but when they realized she had given birth, they had to go back out to find her babies. Their best bet in finding them was having the mama dog find her pups for them.

They took her back to where she was found, and asked around about the pit bull to try to figure out where the best place to look would be. But the mama didn’t need anyone’s help. She quickly led Marcel and Mariah on a desperate search for her puppies.

She ran through backyards until she arrived at the house that she left her pups under. She ran under the foundation and revealed her puppies. Watch the search in the video below:

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