Puppy Is Rescued After Being Found On The Streets Wrapped In Wet Bandages

Our hearts go out to dogs that have been abandoned, particularly those who were given up without any hope. That is what happened with one puppy who was found abandoned on the streets in dire straits.

It seems as if someone had tried to help her to a certain extent, but she was left immobile and in extreme pain after her legs were bandaged. She was in a hopeless situation, but someone stepped in to help.

Although nobody is really sure about the backstory of this little animal, it is thought that she may have been bitten by another dog. After someone found the puppy and took her to a veterinarian, she was given some help.

It took some time for her to gain strength because she had broken bones and was in a sorry condition. They couldn’t even perform surgery until she gained enough strength!

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They decided her name would be Scooter and they gave her plenty of TLC.

After the pup’s wounds were treated, cleaned, and re-bandaged, they felt she was healthy enough to go through with the needed operations. It took months of care by Alexandra Gade for this sweet girl to be in a position to be adopted. Fortunately, a loving family in Virginia decided to adopt her. They named her “Dobby” and gave her the home she deserved.

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