Puppy Mill Dogs May Have A Better Life Thanks To The New Puppy Protection Act

We are all interested in making sure that the little dogs out there have the best life possible. It isn’t only true when they are in our home. We also are concerned about the safety and welfare of little puppies, especially if they are born in a puppy mill.

The harsh conditions of puppy mills have prompted many people to protest, sign petitions, and do what they can to make a difference.

There is now new legislation that was introduced by Sen. Richard Durbin that may do some good as well. It is known as The Puppy Protection Act, and according to a Humane Society of the United States blog post, it could improve the conditions for dogs in those puppy mills.

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It isn’t only that one senator that is backing up the new legislation, a number of senators are behind it and it could do a lot of good for the little animals that can’t help themselves.

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The Humane Society said that the breeders do need to obtain a USDA license and go through regular inspections. They must comply with the animal welfare act, but there are not many standards in place.

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If the Puppy Protection Act is put in place, it would ensure that the dogs at puppy mills received “adequate housing, exercise, and veterinary care.” They would also have their mental health looked after because it would be necessary for them to receive “meaningful socialization with humans and compatible dogs for at least 30 minutes each day.”

Other benefits of the act include access to nutritious and appropriate food and access to potable water, and breeders would have to rehome the mother dogs rather than euthanizing them when they were no longer fit mothers.

Photo: Pixabay

Although many people are happy about the new proposal, there are also some who are not so happy with it. This includes the American Kennel Club, who argued about a similar bill last year that they said was made up of “one-size-fits-all requirements” and didn’t consider all of the different breeds and types of dogs.

This will be an interesting one to watch.

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