Adorable Puppy Plays Patty Cake With Her Owner

While puppies picking up new tricks is a very common thing, we are especially impressed by how fast Misa Minnie manages to learn. The amount of tricks that she can perform at the tender age of 21 weeks has us jealous.

The little Yorkshire Terrier quickly picked up how to play a game of patty cake and her owner caught it on video!

In the video, you can see the tiny puppy lifting her paws right on cue and clapping her owners’ hands. It’s too adorable!

Photo: YouTube/MeSoMiniMisa

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Photo: YouTube/MeSoMiniMisa

The two go through the whole patty cake song successfully before moving on to other tricks. What a smart pup!

Watch the adorable video below:

In case the video of Misa Minnie at 21 weeks was not cute enough for you, we also have a video of her at 31 weeks. She just keeps on learning!

In the video, Misa Minnie shows off her new tricks and it’s just as adorable as patty cake. I’m convinced anything this little pup does would be cute.

Photo: YouTube/MeSoMiniMisa

She goes through an obstacle course, jumps through her owner’s arms, and does so much more! It’s clear that these two have been hard at work practicing their skills. Watch for yourself in the video below:

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