Puppy Caught Gently Playing With A Big Butterfly

There are many reasons to love puppies. They are incredibly adorable. They are sweet and cuddly. But more importantly, they are very playful.

Besides enjoying our company, puppies are known to love making new friends. They will gladly befriend anyone or anything that they find in their path.

For Lúcia Kohl Dalmolin, she got a delightful little surprise in the form of watching a puppy make a brand new buddy.

Photo: Facebook/Lúcia Kohl Dalmolin

But this friend turned out to be quite tiny. As Dalmolin watched, the little puppy became enthralled with a butterfly.

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The puppy’s owner can be heard in the clip stating, “Playing with a butterfly, just look at that!” It is just too cute to handle.

Photo: Facebook/Lúcia Kohl Dalmolin

The puppy continued to play with the butterfly, gently pawing at it as it hovered around its head. The pup rolled onto its back and reached its paws out to allow the little creature to rest on him.

It is a wonderful reminder that dogs are such sweet and gentle souls.

Photo: Facebook/Lúcia Kohl Dalmolin

This precious moment between a puppy and a butterfly is certainly something that will bring a smile to your face.

Check it out below:

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