Stray Puppy With Open Fracture Wound Finally Gets The Help He Needs

A stray puppy in India is finally out of pain thanks to rescuers with Animal Aid Unlimited.

The rescue group shared on YouTube that the tiny puppy, Alvin, was suffering on the streets with an open fracture wound. He would’ve died without help, so they carefully scooped him up and took him to their center for help.

Photo: YouTube/Animal Aid Unlimited, India

After examining Alvin’s wound, the rescue discovered it was badly infected. They got to work cleaning his fracture wound, along with other minor wounds. They applied a cream to help keep the maggots and flies away, and they bandaged him up.

Alvin wasn’t really sure what to think at first. His body was healing, but he was still in some pain. But slowly, he started to regain his strength.

Photo: YouTube/Animal Aid Unlimited, India

Within a week of being rescued, Alvin was feeling much better and was ready for some play! He was still in recovery, but his spirits were high, and he was ready to run and play and be a puppy!

Eventually, the rescuers were able to allow Alvin the freedom to do just that. His wounds healed, and he was able to run around and play like a puppy should.

Photo: YouTube/Animal Aid Unlimited, India

You can watch Alvin’s rescue and recovery in the video below:

Warning: The following video contains graphic imagery that may not be suitable for all viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.

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