Here’s A Little Puppy Trying To Do A Big Dog’s Job. Try Not To Smile Too Much ;-)

Just like kids, puppies rush to grow up too. Don’t believe me? Then watch this! This adorable little Yellow Lab, named Grace, is so excited to help out her favorite human. She wants to fetch the paper. The thing is, the newspaper is bigger than her!

I’m officially done looking for the cutest thing out there today. This. Is. It!!!

Do you like cute stories and videos? Then you will LOVE this next one!

After a long, stressful day, all this human wants to do is take a relaxing soak in the tub. The problem with that is, her cat is really against it! So much so that she protests (loudly) and when that doesn’t work, this cat goes a step further. You have to see it to believe me. It’s crazy and adorable all wrapped into the purrfect package! Click here to see what I’m fussing about!

But for the time being, get ready for the cutest puppy video, maybe ever!

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