Watch This Dog Mama Comfort Her Confused Newborn Puppy

Puppies are, of course, adorable — but they’re also needy!

Especially when they’re very young, they need a lot of supervision and care. After all, they aren’t even able to open their eyes yet.

When one very cute Golden Retriever puppy suddenly needed his mama, a hilariously sweet moment ensued. Thankfully, it was all caught on nanny cam video.

Golden retriever and puppies
Photo: Pixabay/SofieLayla Thal

At just two weeks old, little Jimbo can be heard crying out for his mama, who trots over to the pen where her half-dozen puppies lay sleeping.

She goes to lay in another cuddle puddle, hoping that Jimbo will follow her over, but he ends up lost and afraid — just a foot away from her.

Golden retriever  family

As he tumbles in circles and continues to cry out, you can almost see his mama sigh and go “okay then…” before getting up and laying down right next to him.

Once she does, he burrows into her fur for warmth and affection. Now there’s a mama who’s got everything taken care of!

Golden Retriever puppy
Photo: Pixabay/Michael Römer

The adorable moment was captured by Jimbo’s future owner as she waited to be able to adopt him. “Six weeks later, we ended up bringing him home,” the video’s description reads.

Watch this heartwarming moment below:

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