Puppy Mill Rescue Dog Has No Idea What To Do With The Comfort Of A Bed!

Dogs saved from puppy mills are often seeing things for the first time.

Before, their lives were for one purpose: making puppies. They didn’t have the comfort of a warm hug or the guarantee of a clean water dish filled to the brim. Oh, and forget about a warm fluffy bed!

The absolute basics that we spoil our pets with are so out of reach for dogs living in puppy mills.


UNTIL… rescuers changed all of that for this group. These precious pups are finally surrounded by good, loving people. People that would never harm them or neglect them. People that are thrilled to have them near. And people who will give them a warm bed to sleep in.

Of course, at first, they have no idea what that bed even is!


Fast forward to their lives later on and hopefully all of them don’t remember what their lives were like before. They’re loved and spoiled now. With big fluffy beds and lots of warm blankets to snooze on. Yucky cages and days filled with neglect are a thing of the distant past, thanks to the love of their new humans.


That’s why adoption is so important. If there’s no need for puppy millers to sell to pet shops then these puppy mills will cease to exist… And no puppy has to suffer ever again!

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