After Visiting The Vet, This Puppy Decides She Would Like To Stay

Most puppies have to be coaxed into the veterinary’s office, but up in Canada, there’s one who refuses to leave.

Georgia’s strange affinity for the dog-doctor went viral this week, when the 6-month old puppy had to be coaxed out of the vet’s clinic, literally dragging her heels.

Photo: YouTube/Rumble Virals
Photo: YouTube/Rumble Viral

This cute but surprising scene could stem from a number of factors, starting with the idea that trips to animal doctors in Canada are apparently fun. At least at Sherbrooke Heights Animal Hospital in Peterborough, Ontario, which Georgia attends, veterinarians make a point of showering their four-legged clients with pats and affection to distract them from the actual medicine going on.

Photo: YouTube/Rumble Virals
Photo: YouTube/Rumble Viral

Our second theory stems from Georgia’s background as a Burnese Mountain Dog, an affectionate, people-loving breed renowned for their unswerving loyalty, even by canine standards. This likely explains why the dog, after being coaxed from the vet’s office, peers inside all of the doorways in search of more people, then cozies up at reception. After all, from Georgia’s perspective, these vets aren’t really doctors but pet-sitters in lab coats. She fully expects everybody to drop what they’re doing and play.

Photo: YouTube/Rumble Virals
Photo: YouTube/Rumble Viral

Georgia does finally make her way outside, but she’s clearly reluctant to leave, so much so that her human, Eric, finally scoops her up to move the process along. Fortunately for this six-month-old puppy, her one-year vaccinations — read: another vet visit — should be happening fairly soon.

See for yourself how much Georgia loves her vet!

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