You Will Never See Anything Quite Like This! This Puppy Really Loves Music!

This little one has figured out her favorite thing and that is to hear her human play the piano. She just can’t get enough of her talented human. Every single time he stops, she chases him and cries (you have to turn the volume up to hear her). When he goes back to playing, she curls up at his feet, happy again.

Did you know that animals can find comfort in many things we enjoy. So long as they’re not too loud or overwhelming. Perfect example: My dog, Skyler, LOVES watching National Geographic or Animal Planet when a show comes on about Polar Bears. I’m not kidding! She likes other shows too but there’s something about those big white, beautiful bears that intrigue her. Animals have compassion and love… just like we do!

But seriously, it doesn’t get much cuter than this! Adorable little music loving fluff ball have won my heart forever!

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