New Report Found Puppy Love Wins Over Romantic Love This Valentine’s Day

Dogs provide their parents with unconditional love, and in return dog owners are turning to their fur babies over their partners this Valentine’s Day. A study conducted by Rover confirmed that people love their dogs just as much, if not more than their partners.

Rover’s report, “The Real Power of Dog Love,” was created in honor of the upcoming love holiday, Valentine’s Day. They surveyed 1,450 U.S. adult dog owners who are dating or in a relationship.

Most of us are guilty of using a “baby voice” when we talk to our fur children. The survey found 81 percent of dog parents use a baby or puppy voice when talking to their dog. We show our love by covering our dogs with kisses and they return the favor.

A smile instantly spreads across our faces the moment we see our dogs, so no wonder our phones and social media pages are full of photos of our dogs. 24 percent admitted to taking more pictures with their dogs than their family, friends, or significant other.

Puppy love runs deep as the findings showed people spend more money on their dog than their significant other. Also, we want to spend all of our free time with our dogs. The survey found one in three dog parents plan their weekend with activities that their dogs can partake in.

When it comes to cuddling, 47 percent of dog owners prefer to cuddle with their dog over their partner. This was especially true for women.

So it is no surprise that nearly half of the dog owners are planning a Valentine’s Day celebration for their dog. They plan to spoil their dogs with new accessories, their favorite baked goods or a homemade meal.

The phrase “must love dogs” is now a requirement to date people that share their hearts and homes with a dog. 69 percent of dog owners said that knowing someone is a dog lover would make them more interested in dating them. Some millennials even went as far as to say that they would stay in a relationship or friendship because they liked the other person’s dog.

Our dogs know us better than anyone and are supposed to a good judge of character, so one in three people bring their dogs along on dates.

Dog owners are loyal to their fur children. Over half of all dog owners said that they would consider ending a relationship if their partner didn’t like dogs or was severely allergic.

This report proves that our love for our dogs is unconditional and unlimited, which is what they deserve. Shelter animals are all waiting to find their special person to share this unbreakable bond. You can help make the day of a shelter pet by sending them a Fur Baby Valentine.

This Valentine’s Day, you can help show homeless fur babies some love by purchasing a Fur Baby Valentine blanket, toy, or treats — or a bundle of all 3! We will deliver the goodies on your behalf directly to shelter cats and dogs in need somewhere in the U.S.A.

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