Puppy Interrupts Live News Broadcast

We’ve all experienced a photobombing before at some point.

For some of us, those photobombs come from adorable little animals. In fact, many times when the photobomber happens to be an animal, it makes its way onto the internet.

Live video clips are no exception.

Photo: YouTube/FOX 5 Washington DC

While Bob Barnard was on the air doing a live weather report for FOX 5, his segment was interrupted by the most adorable little puppy ever!

As Barnard warned the residents of Leesburg about the dangers of icy weather conditions, the small pup came bolting out of one of the nearby homes.

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Photo: YouTube/FOX 5 Washington DC

In true puppy form, this adorable little tyke immediately made his way over to Barnard to say hello. Barnard was only happy to accommodate the curious pooch.

Photo: YouTube/FOX 5 Washington DC

Watch the video of the puppy below:

What do you think of this adorable little pooch? Let us know!

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