Adorable Puppy Imitates Bunny In Viral Video

Monkey see, monkey do. Or in this case, it’s more like puppy see, puppy do. Babies are known to learn many different behaviors by observing those around them, and the same goes for puppies too.

These adorably quizzical creatures will often explore the world around them, eager to learn, and many times they will carefully watch other dogs or animals around them, observing their behaviors.
In some really cute instances, they will mirror these behaviors much to our delight.

Luckily for us, there is one precious Boxer puppy who decided to make friends with a little black bunny. But not only did he befriend this bunny, but he also started copying him!

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The best part of this was the fact that it was captured all on camera so we can watch it over and over again. It is seriously so cute we don’t have words for it.

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As we all know, rabbits get around by hopping everywhere. So, I will give you a guess as to what the little pup started doing. You guessed it. He started hopping around!

Photo: YouTube/The Compilation Master
Photo: YouTube/The Compilation Master

While the video might be very short – only 8 seconds long – it was long enough to capture the internet’s heart. After it was shared on Twitter, there were so many people who liked, retweeted, and commented on the precious footage.

One person even commented, “Those of us who have boxers know all about the boxer bounce.”

Check out the adorable clip below:

What do you think of the little puppy’s imitation of his bunny friend? Has your dog every mistaken itself for another species? Let us know!

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