Dad Shows the Cutest Way to Teach a Puppy How to Howl

How do you bond with your pet?

Eating together, watching a movie together, singing, dancing, playing outdoors, swimming in the pool or at a lovely beach resort, taking walks, camping and counting the stars, etc., etc.

Photo: Instagram Video/Puppy Lovings

The list is endless, and the love you feel for each other is boundless.

That’s the magic of having a pet. You can no longer tell who between the two of you is happier. Your heart is bursting with joy and gratitude for having such an adorable companion animal. Meanwhile, your pet, it seems, cannot live without you.

It must be mutual.

Photo: Instagram Video/Puppy Lovings

You are likely to say the same thing about this owner and his Labrador retriever pup. The two seem to be having the time of their lives together in this viral video.

A howling session is how John Callaway bonds with his three-week-old puppy. He teaches the dog how to howl while it sits on his shoulder. The pup does its best to mimic him, though it seems to need some more practice with the sound effect. It seems to be getting frustrated with the lack of cooperation from its tiny vocal cords.

But that whimper is so endearing.

Photo: Instagram Video/Puppy Lovings

But both dad and pup do look like a perfect couple, living in bliss. One day, they may even be able to do a blissful howling duet, once his pup finds its singing voice.

Oh, by the way, they are actually a big family. This pup’s siblings love their howling sessions too with their daddy!

Imagine all the joy they’re having!

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