If You’re Considering Giving A Puppy As A Gift, Please Read This First!

4. Trips To The Vet = Time + $$$

In the first year, puppies require multiple vaccinations as well as being spayed or neutered. This is very costly. Each vet visit can cost hundreds of dollars and that is just for routine stuff. What happens if the puppy gets hurt? What if he eats something he is not supposed to? Puppies also need to be spayed or neutered and this too can get very expensive. Add that to driving to and from the vet’s office. Will the give recipient be able to do this? Does he or she have appropriate transportation?



5. Commitment

A dog can live a long time. Getting a dog means he becomes a family member and this is a big commitment. Giving a dog to a girlfriend or boyfriend can be a bad idea. What happens if that relationship doesn’t work out? Who will keep the dog? These are all things that should be considered prior to adopting a dog. Also, if the dog is given to a child, what happens when that child is no longer interested in the dog or gets involved in other things such as sports, a part time job or even goes off to college? Are you willing to shoulder all the responsibility?


Getting a new family member is not something anyone should go into blindly. It is a group decision. While the idea of putting a bow on a puppy and surprising that special someone is a cute idea, it often ends in disaster. Please think things through this holiday season and remember, pets are a big deal! They require lots of love, energy and attention. They are a forever part of your life, and not an accessory. We encourage bringing a dog into your family only when the time is right and everyone is on board.

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