This Puppy Is Taking A Nap. But When His Favorite Song Comes On, He Just Can’t Help It…

We all know the movie “Frozen.” And the song “Let It Go” has been played so many times that it’s probably driven many of us to our breaking points. But if you thought children were the only ones who loved that song, you’d be wrong, because apparently dogs do too!

This adorable little Australian Shepherd puppy, named Oakley, is taking a nap in the back seat of a car, but as soon as his favorite Frozen song comes on, he opens up his eyes and reacts to it in the cutest way. His ears perk up and then begin the Aussie head tilts. Not only does it wake him right up, but then he starts singing along to it! He howls and hits all the high notes better than I ever could! But hey, he could just be howling for a treat. “Let It Go”, or “Give Me a Bone”? You be the judge.

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