Family Rescued What They Thought Was An Abandoned Puppy, But It Was Actually A Baby Fox

A family in Whitehorse, Canada came across what they thought was an abandoned puppy near Marsh Lake, and saw that it was in bad shape. They took it home and posted its picture on Facebook, trying to find a wet nurse to help attend to its health needs.

For a few days, the ‘puppy’ had a surrogate mother to nurse from, another dog. But eventually, they learned that this adorable little puppy, was not a puppy after all!

CBC News
CBC News

They thought maybe it could be an otter, marten or wolverine, but then officials at the Yukon Wildlife Preserve said they were pretty sure it was a baby fox! Many young fox have white tips on their tail just like this little guy has. They continued to care for what they now knew was a baby Red Fox, bottle-feeding it every three hours. After receiving many donations, the fox is able to stay at the Preserve and building plans are under way to have his new enclosure built! Now the fox is grown and still looks just as cute! I am so glad that he’s healthy and being taken care of!

CBC News
CBC News

Watch more of the story in the video below:

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