Puppy Dumped At Landfill And Left To Die Learns To Trust Again

Rescuers with Takis Rescue discovered a small puppy that had been dumped at a landfill in Crete, Greece.

The little puppy, who they named Caesar, was found next to a dead sheep, in an area where “they dump everything.”

Thankfully, the rescuers knew to check the area regularly to make sure there weren’t any animals left to die, and that’s how they found young Caesar.

Photo: YouTube/Takis Shelter
Photo: YouTube/Takis Shelter

Caesar initially ran when people approached, but they were eventually able to catch him. After doing a quick examination, they realized he didn’t look very healthy and he’d need to be taken in for care.

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They immediately put the dog on medicine for worms, among other things, and began the process of gaining his trust.

At first, he was too afraid to do anything. He wouldn’t eat, he wouldn’t play. He just sat on a blanket in the yard by himself.

Photo: YouTube/Takis Shelter

Eventually, he began to get comfortable. It seemed that he realized the rescuers weren’t out to get him but were there to help him.

It wasn’t long before Caesar began playing with other dogs and even accepting love from humans.

Photo: YouTube/Takis Shelter

Months passed, and Caesar really began to loosen up at the rescue. It was clear that he was ready for his forever home, and he showered all of the visitors with love.

Photo: YouTube/Takis Shelter

Caesar has grown into his full size, and he’s still at the rescue awaiting a home to call his own. You can inquire about adopting him on the rescue’s website, or email contact@takisshelter.org.

Watch the video below:

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