Tiny Puppy Becomes BFFs With A Duck And Snuggles Into Her Feathers

Unusual animal pairings are everywhere. Each friendship is unique in its own way, and they’re all equally special.

These friendships are also wonderful reminders that animals are full of love and compassion for others.

Having such a big heart is how one little fluffy puppy ended up becoming best buds with a duck. It was almost instantaneous the bond that developed between the duck and his little dog friend.

Photo: Twitter/FeelGoodPage11

It is truly the sweetest video to watch.

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In the clip, the little puppy walks straight up to the sitting duck and then hops up onto its back. The duck has a moment of confusion before it accepts the puppy’s brazen piggyback.

Photo: Twitter/FeelGoodPage11

Eventually, the pup settles down and curls up. He even hugs his new friend.

Photo: Twitter/FeelGoodPage11

These two look absolutely adorable together.

Check it out below:

How cute is this pair of buddies?

What do you think of the best friends? Let us know!

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