Giving Up Is Never An Option!

This adorable little Bulldog puppy will teach you that giving up is never an option. It’s all about determination. Sticking with it will lead to success. You just have to trust in that. Plus, watching his cute wrinkly body is enough to inspire anyone! OH EM GEE!

Our pets often teach us valuable lessons. For instance, my dog Paisley is teaching me how to be cute and lazy at the same time. Like right this second, she’s sprawled out on her bed and is just so darn good at being lazy. And cute! She’s a paw-fessional. LOL!

My other dog, Skyler, is afraid of a lot of things, including new people! When we go for walks, and I see her face her fears as she meets new people or a loud truck passes, she really does inspire me. This older gentleman came by and he had a cane. Skyler was VERY unsure of him, yet she gave him a chance and calmly said hello back when he said hi to her. Her little bit of courage was incredible. Aren’t animals fantastic?

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