The Whole World Is Watching This Cute Puppy Confess Her Weekend Woes

The weekend is all about catching up with the ones we love, with extra snuggles, hanging out in bed, and of course, lots of sloppy wet kisses. This adorable video is all about a little puppy and her favorite time of the week with her human.


Lounging in bed for a snooze fest and loads of cuddles is BY FAR this pup’s favorite thing to do. But… what happens when her human decides it’s also a great time to go out and hang with some friends. UT OH! Game changer!


While it’s sad to leave our pups behind, the main thing to remember is we ALWAYS come home! And truthfully, when we’re away, we really do miss those wet noses and furry little bodies. They complete us in ways they can’t paw-sibly comprehend. Just wait ’til you see who this puppy is “confessing” to. So darn cute!


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