Puppy Bowl XIII Will Feature The First Disabled Dogs In Its History!

Animal lovers know that the REAL sporting event to look forward to this February is the annual Puppy Bowl! Every year, top canine athletes compete for the most coveted honor in dog sports, and the competition this year is fiercer than ever! This year will also feature three unique athletes, Lucky, Winston, and Doobert. The trio are all special needs dogs, and they represent the first time dogs with handicaps have competed in the Puppy Bowl, and they couldn’t be more excited! So, let’s meet these stars!

“Did someone say peanut butter?”/ via Animal Planet

Winston is a 14-week-old Australian Shepherd from Double J Dog Ranch in Idaho. On top of having some of the cutest floppy ears ever, he also has impaired hearing and vision. Despite that, he is fully confident in his ability to help his team win!

“I play to win!” /via Animal Planet

Doobert is a young, 15-week-old up-and-comer. This English Pointer hails from Green Dogs Unleashed in Virginia. He might be completely deaf, but he is ready to lay it all out on the field!

“We make a great team!” /via Animal Planet

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The lovely Lucky is the eldest of the three at 16 weeks, but this Terrier Mix brings her insight and wisdom with her. Arriving from Operation Education Rescue in Tennessee, she refuses to let her missing leg change how she lives her life, and she is out to prove she is just as tough as the competition!

You can check out the rosters for Team Ruff and Team Fluff on Animal Planet’s website. The game will air on February 5th, 2017, on Animal Planet. Good luck to Team Ruff and Team Fluff! No matter who wins, we all do.

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