Puppy Bowl Review

While the rest of the world watched the Superbowl this weekend, animal lovers everywhere were tuned into the Puppy Bowl, and boy was it entertaining!

Ginger, a cute old english sheepdog mix, had a rough time following the rules. She got slammed with a number of penalties, including excessive hydration, and terrorizing the ref. Check out her adorable shenanigans in the clip!

Everyone’s favorite cat, Lil Bub, was watching the game from his studio apartment. His favorite player was Laney, and he watched the replay of his favorite touchdown. What was your favorite play of the game? Do you agree with Lil Bub that Laney’s play was the best?

Overall, the Puppy Bowl was a success and highlighted the rescue animals and the valuable organizations that work so hard to give animals a better life. The 10th anniversary of Puppy Bowl was full of adoption success stories, rescue organization shout-outs, and of course, adorable puppies! We are already starting the countdown for next year!

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