This Pup Has No Concept Of Personal Space, But That Doesn’t Seem To Bother Her Owner

The time in the bathroom is very sacred to many. Usually, people in the bathroom are alone in the room, with no friends or family.

However, this adorable pup just could not be left alone without her owner. The video below shows a pup crawling underneath the doorway to hang out with her best friend. The owner’s reaction to the unwanted/maybe wanted guest is priceless as he can not believe how she managed to crawl under the doorway.

What amazes me the most is that even with a towel practically filling the entire door, the pup still manages to squeeze in. With his size, there is clearly no stopping the tiny bundle of joy. The owner also indicates that this might not be the first time that the adorable pup walked in without knocking.

The video managed to make it on “America’s Funniest Home Videos”. If you ask me, this deserves to at least be considered for a prize!

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