Golden Retrievers Caught Holding Hands At Daycare

Now this is the kind of New World Order that we can totally get behind. An adorable trio of puppies decided to create their own secret society, and it was the cutest sight ever. During a play time set up for puppies between 8 and 18 weeks, there were three golden retriever puppies became fast friends.

Photo: Reddit / u/Goldengirl_billie

While there was an entire room full of puppies to play with, these three decided that they were going to gravitate towards one another and stick together like a little band of brothers. As if that wasn’t cute enough, they even started their own club – no humans allowed.

Photo: Reddit/

For a secret clubhouse, these little doggies took over a blue plastic container with cutouts. It was big enough for them to all crawl into and conduct their secret meeting. The canine Illuminati wasn’t secret for long though. They were soon discovered hiding out.

Photo: Reddit / u/Goldengirl_billie

Someone eventually lifted the blue structure, temporarily ending the secret meeting. Better luck next time guys! Watch the whole thing below:

Caught the Goldens holding hands at puppy play hour from aww

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