Puppies Hug Each Other In Fear After Being Found Locked In An Aquarium Tank

Matt Williamson was searching for his lost dog in Jackson, Mississippi, when he came across something horrifying that he never expected.

Near a ditch was a big aquarium tank, cemented shut. As Williamson approached the tank, he realized that there was something inside of it. Then he saw eyes peering back at him. He quickly discovered that it was two puppies locked in the tank who were in desperate need of help.

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Williamson immediately called the police. It’s unknown who did this cruel act, but whomever it was, clearly intended on drowning these pups. Thankfully, the puppies survived, but of course they were very traumatized.

They were taken to Animal Rescue League, where they nervously cuddled up with each other. Thankfully they were okay and were on the road to recovery. Thanks to Williamson, and him being at the right place at the right time, these puppies were given a new lease on life and got an amazing second chance.

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They clearly had a rough start to life at the hands of a cruel human, but they never have to worry about being neglected or mistreated ever again. They will now receive all of the love that they deserve!
Watch more on this story in the video below:

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