After 4 Days, 400 Dogs And Cats In Carribean Are In Better Health Thanks To Enormous Effort

WA2S films gives us a sneak peek into Operation Punta Cana, a 12 part short film series focused on street dogs in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

Their massive effort to spay/neuter and vaccinate these street dogs brings the community one stop closer to a healthier place for these dogs to live.


Volunteers flew in from all over the United States and Canada to help facilitate all aspects of the operation, from waking the dogs up to making sure they had everything they needed like water and cuddles.


The dogs may look doped up and a bit out of it, but trust me, they are now a giant leap closer to better health and a longer life. The series showcases what it’s like for these dogs to live in one of the poorest areas right outside the wealthy resort community, visited by wealthy tourists all year long.


We thank all the volunteers for their tireless effort. Here’s a giant shout out to organizations and operations like this one! For more info, visit

Julie E.H.

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