Raccoons Love To Steal, And Pumpkin Will Certainly Steal Your Heart!

One morning, Rosie Kemp was shocked to discover an abandoned baby raccoon in her backyard who had fallen from a tree. The baby raccoon was very weak and had a broken back leg, and her mother was nowhere in sight. Rosie waited to see if the mother would come back for her baby, but as the day came to a close and the mother had not returned, Rosie made the decision to bring the baby raccoon, who she named Pumpkin, into her home.

Unfortunately, in Nassau, Bahamas, there are no raccoon rescues available to bring injured or abandoned raccoons, so Rosie decided to give Pumpkin the best chance at a safe life and raise the tiny raccoon as her own. Rosie and her daughter worked around the clock caring for the young raccoon until she was healed from her physical injuries.

Pumpkin recovered quickly, and has flawlessly fit into her new family structure. She lives with Rosie’s daughter and has immediately bonded with the family’s two rescue dogs. She has become a hilarious and happy member of the family. In fact, Pumpkin picked up a lot of the dog’s traits. She plays with them, cuddles with them, and naps with them. I’m so glad Pumpkin got her happy ending!

Note: It’s important to note that Pumpkin is the exception when it comes to keeping wildlife in your home. Although Pumpkin was lucky to find a safe home, wild animals are not meant to be kept as pets. Raccoons have many traits that make them an undesirable pet, and it is probably illegal to keep one in your home state. Raccoons in the United States often carry diseases and are aggressive, so if you do find an injured or baby raccoon in the U.S., please contact your local wildlife rescue for help. If you are looking to add a fluffy addition to your home, there are plenty of dogs, cats, and other animals who would love to call your house their home!

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