Senior Pug Is ‘Running For President’ To Prove That Older Shelter Dogs Make Great Pets Too!

Most of you already know a lot about each candidate in the 2016 race for president, but I bet there’s one candidate you could learn more about: Mildred the Pug. Mildred is a blind senior dog who resides at Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary in Tennessee. She is running her campaign on behalf of adoptable senior dogs.


Senior dogs have a higher risk of being euthanized in shelters and are often overlooked for many reasons that come along with the natural aging process such as disabilities, diseases and deterioration.

The staff at Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary wants older dogs to be celebrated and for people to consider adopting them. They are loving and laid-back, and most likely already trained. They are perfect for low-key people, since the dogs themselves are older.


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