Owner Throws Elaborate Funeral For His 7-Year-Old Pug Named Dexter

When most pet owners accept an animal into their lives, that animal becomes a member of the family. Some people don’t always treat their pets as true family, but one dog owner took things very seriously.

Tim Beville Jr., knew what it was like to have “man’s best friend” at his side thanks to his pug named Dexter. Dexter spent the good part of seven years with Beville before he sadly passed away.

Losing a pet is something all animal lovers have to come to terms with and people mourn in different ways. For Beville, who works as a pastor in Allentown, Pennsylvania, he wanted to do something big to honor Dexter for being the “good boy” that he was.

Photo: Facebook/Tim Beville Jr.

Beville decided to host an elaborate funeral, complete with an open casket and a guest book. He pulled all the bells and whistles to ensure his furry companion received a funeral fit for any other member of his family and shared photos of the event on his Facebook. He wrote, “Thank you to everyone that came out tonight to say goodbye to Dexter! The love is so appreciated! Run Free Dexter!”

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In the photos, you can see Dexter in an open casket, wearing his best blue bowtie and collar. Alongside him was a chew toy. There’s also a TV playing photos of Dexter.

Photo: Facebook/Tim Beville Jr.
Photo: Facebook/Tim Beville Jr.
Photo: Facebook/Tim Beville Jr.

While it’s unclear how many people attended the in-person funeral, many offered their condolences in the comments.

One person wrote, “He looks so nice and at peace. Such a great companion and friend. RIP DEX.”

Another said, “My condolences to you on the loss of Dexter!”

Photo: Facebook/Tim Beville Jr.
Photo: Facebook/Tim Beville Jr.

“So sorry for your loss! Dexter was a sweet boy. All the staff at Hamilton Animal Care will miss him!” a member of Dexter’s former veterinary team wrote.

It’s so sweet to see someone putting such effort and love into their pet, even after they’ve passed away.

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