Woman And Her Dog Help Push Stranded Motorists Through Scotland Floodwaters

Sometimes all you need is a helping hand — or paw! For two Glasgow women, that help came at just the right time when flooding left their car stranded on the street.

Scotland is currently experiencing torrential rain and unprecedented flooding, damaging homes and businesses and leaving people stranded, like that Glasgow duo.

Fortunately, just as their car sputtered to a stop and the waters continued to rush past, they were spotted by Good Samaritan, Lori Gillies, who was out for a walk with her dog, Puck.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Quickly, Gillies jumped into action and started pushing the car through the floodwaters. Puck swam alongside, watching in nervous curiosity.

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The incident was captured on video by Davie Keel, a bystander who stood on a bridge overhead. Keel provided commentary as he filmed, watching Gillies push and Puck doggy paddle nearby.

Photo: Facebook/Lori Gillies

Then, Puck figured out what Gillies was doing and decided to lend a paw. “Aww yes, what a dog man. Look at that,” Keel said as Puck stood on his hind legs, stretched his arms out, and pushed alongside his owner.

Pretty soon, the car was through the worst of the water thanks to the push from Gillies and, of course, Puck. “Just doing a good deed helping this car and its owners get to drier land,” Gillies later wrote on Facebook. With amusement, she added: “Someone has filmed it and sent it to their pal, who sent it to my pal who sent it to me.”

Photo: Facebook/Lori Gillies
Photo: Facebook/Lori Gillies

Noting the help she got from her pup, she concluded the post with, “Puck really is the best dog in the whole wide world 🤣.”

Thanks to the pair’s quick action, the driver and her passenger were able to make it through the brutal stormy weather. “Puck got a very nice extra big dinner last night. He got meat with gravy and biscuits with extra meat,” Gillie told the Daily Record.

Watch the full video, with commentary from “the legend” Davie Keel below!

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